3in1 - Fairyfloss Pink - Cloud Stretch Fleece Jersey - XXL Large

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All Way Stretch and wrinkle free with a SUPER SOFT fleeced top AND bottom, this fabric practically edits itself.

This amazing fabric is a 3 in 1, you can use it in so many ways! Floor, Frame and Beanbag making this a very versatile, space saving and staple prop for your studio!!!

Simply weigh down on the floor and/or clamp this to your frame - perfect for space saving or traveling photographers.

This drop is Washable and portable - you can just scrunch and shove it into your suitcase and pull it out when you get to your clients place good as new with a slight tug!! :)

Drop Size:
XXL Large - 3m (9.85ft) x 1.95m (6.4ft)

In use photos colours may appear slightly different due to editing styles and computer monitor differences.