Dream Wrap - Textured Crepe - 21 Colours

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Exclusively designed and sewn in house by us here at Shooting Stars - our Dream Wrap has an attached extra length for winding around while wrapping in under a minute without wasting precious studio time for that perfect wrap every time.

Available in an ever-growing variety of fabrics, colors and finishes there is a Dream Wrap just waiting for you to make change your wrap game!

The Dream Wrap (nicknamed the "Cheat Wrap" by my happy customers!!) is an easy to use open pouch-like design with the long 1.5m strip attached. 

NOTE: To get the easy "BOW" or "KNOT" look you need to purchase an OPTIONAL ADD-ON PACK these are available at in the "Dream Wraps" section under their own listings.
Butterfly Knot Band - a WIDE full body band to give the "knot finish"
Bow to suit Butterfly Knot - when used in addition to your Butterfly Knot band, you can quickly turn your knot into a bow by inserting this bow in the knot. 
Triple Knot Band - a triple pack of single knots to give the "knot finish"
Bows to suit Triple Knot Bands - when used in addition to your Triple knot pack, you can make your knot into a bow by inserting these bows. 

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You can read more about our Dream Wrap and get customer feedback and tricks, videos and tips in our Facebook Fan page dedicated to this game-changing wrap to see how easy you can change your wrapping game.

ALL our items are sold purely as photography props, and are NOT suitable for unsupervised or prolonged every day use!!


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